Friday, July 8, 2011

I have been waiting for you - Nfu Oh Mail Day

Nfu Oh 1
Nfu Oh 65, 66, 62, 63, 64, 52
Look what came in the mail. It's been a long wait thanks to the postal strike. Plus I was out when they first delivered. Plus I was too busy to apply any nail polish. BUT LOOK! These are so beautiful. These are hands down the most beautiful holographic nail polishes I own. They are a pain to apply but if you use aqua base there is no problems at all. It is so worth it. It's funny because they are not holo looking in the bottle.

Nfu Oh holo compare
Nfu Oh 64 compared to the "old" 61 (which apparently is more holo)
Even when they are first applied to the nail and still wet it is dull but they sure do dry up into amazing-ness. I am so pleased. Hooray! Here is my first mani.

Nfu Oh 62
Nfu Oh 62 2
Nfu Oh 62
I was expecting the colour to be more nude. It looks like a perfect light peachy pink on me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this colour. Very pleasantly surprised! The rainbow is so gorgeous and it shows up in all kinds of light. Meaning that you don't need to wait for full sun, although it is best and brightest in sunlight. Whooa LOVE!

Nfu Oh 3
All the silver boobies together at last!
Nfu Oh 65, 66, 62, 63, 64, 61


  1. They're amazing!!! I love your pictures. :)

  2. Wow, hello gorgeous! They look amazing.

  3. Amazing collection. I own only 62, but I absolutelly love it!

  4. They're awesome. Great pictures.

  5. Oh my colorness, the silver boobies looks like a rainbow.

  6. You are sitting pretty with all those beautiful Nfu-Oh's! Nice selection... :)