Sunday, June 12, 2011

Joe Fresh Lagoon

Joe Fresh Lagoon
Joe Fresh Lagoon 2
Joe Fresh Lagoon
This is a very pretty colour. I want so very much to love this polish but the formula is goop city. I guess I'm a little spoiled by all the fantastic formulations I've come across because every time I get a dud formulation I'm riddled with doubt. "Maybe I'm not applying it correctly, oh the brush is terrible, oh I'm rushing this, I put it on too thick, I put it on too thin." Bottom line, the formulation isn't right so the application doesn't come out right. I think a little thinner may help this polish, but I didn't have the time to fiddle with it. This has a very subtle pearl shimmer that you can see much more in the bottle on the nail. It's nice. I have quite a number of minties. So here is how Lagoon stacks up against what I have. As you can see, she leans very much towards the blue end.

OPI Gragantuan Green Grape, China Glaze Re-fresh Mint, Essie Mint Candied Apple, Joe Fresh Lagoon, China Glaze For Audrey

Also, I wonder how many nail polishes are called Lagoon, or have Lagoon in the name. Quite a few I imagine.

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