Saturday, April 9, 2011

Revlon Tempted, Chelsea Kaleidoscope and UNICORN PEE

Revlon Tempted
Revlon Tempted 2
Revlon Tempted
Got this in a swap. I thought it was pretty based on swatches I saw online. Turns out that it's REALLY pretty in person. It's a deep red-wine color with glass flecks and a little purple flash in the flecks. It is definitely in the same colour family as the famed Clarins 230.
I know this because.....

I'm the proud owner of Clarins 230, famed Unicorn Pee. Behold!

Clarins 230 bottle
Clarins 230 bottle 2
Clarins 230 bottle 3
Clarins 230
Ooo ahhh look at that rainbow! It's very pretty in person too. I really love that shimmer. It's like lit from within gorgeous-ness.

So I thought I'd try it with Tempted because they look very similar if you're just looking at the colour.

Clarins 230
Clarins 230  2
Revlon Tempted with Clarins 230
Because I put it over a red it was really red. You could see a lot of the copper coming out but the green was very difficult to see. I was rather hasty with my manicure and a lot of my nails got smudged. (It's hard to do your nails when your babies are napping and then they wake up and want to play before your mani is dry!) So I started over and reapplied it with a different polish as a base, hoping I could bring out the green flash a little more. Cue Chelsea Kaleidoscope!

Chelsea Kaleidoscope
Chelsea Kaleidoscope 2
Chelsea Kaleidoscope
This is a polish I got from a blog sale a-la-Kris It's a very interesting Multichrome that flashed purple, blue, pink, orange, smidge of green. Um kinda all the colours you can think of but mostly blue, purple and pink. It's terrific on its own. A little frosty with a some brush strokes but nothing I couldn't deal with. So I thought this might bring out our shy little green friend. I was right.

Clarins 230 5
Clarins 230 6
Clarins 230 8
Clarins 230 9
Clarins 230 10

Yah. It's pretty good. I'm glad I have Clarins 230. It's pretty, but I don't think it's worth all the crazy people go on and on about. I guess I'm more into holos myself. :D If you are thinking of getting Clarins 230 I think you should. It's is pretty great, but don't sell your kidney for it. It's not worth a kidney! ;)


  1. Very Pretty. I actually really like the Clarins over the red like you applied it! Love the duochrom-ey-ness of it over the Kaleidoscope too.

  2. oh man, what a magical pairing of 230 and Kaleidoscope!!

  3. I wanted green. I got green! :D

  4. Stunning, I don't know what to say °_°