Saturday, April 30, 2011

Joe Fresh Pineapple and a Comparison

Joe Fresh Pineapple
Joe Fresh Pineapple 2
Joe Fresh Pineapple

What a fun and fresh colour! This little baby has a VERY secret shimmer that I didn't notice at all until it was on the nail. I guess I'm attracted to this type of colour because I do have a very similar shade in OPI The "It" Color. OPI is a little more yellow and it doesn't have the shimmer.

Joe Fresh Pineapple Compare
Joe Fresh Pineapple - pinky and middle
OPI The "It" Color - ring and index

The Joe Fresh polish was a huge pain in the butt but to be honest I don't know if it was just because I was being impatient. I always have so much more success when I really take my time and pay attention. The wheels always seem to fall off when I'm rushing and hoping my babies don't wake up in the middle of my mani! hahaha


  1. whoa! super neat shade! it looks great on you

  2. wow, I love this shade, it looks very great,, many thanks for the swatch;)