Saturday, March 12, 2011

ZOMG! Zots

Stash with Zots 1
Stash with Zots 2
Stash with Zots 3
These are my polishes. Well, they were my polishes as of December 19th, 2010. I love a lot more polishes. My collection has kinda exploded!

On top of the majority of my nail polishes (not my special bottles Nfu-Oh, Anna Sui or Revlons which have the names on top) I have a little Zot painted with the colour of polish. It is really helpful in locating colours in my stash. You can get Zots at Micheals. They aren't perfect because the Zots are sticky-ish and squishy. I imagine a hard arcylic "bead" would do a better job but Zots are much cheaper and it's not that big of deal. You just paint the Zot with the polish and wait for is to dry. Carefully pull it off the paper and place on the cap. Voila! Easy Peasy.


  1. this Zot idea is a great one!!

  2. Thanks! I got the idea from someone on MUA. I really like it because I can location my colours much more easily! Before I had to pull out a million (more like 10) bottles before actually finding the polish I was looking for!

  3. My friends makes fun of my nail polish collection, I have one full shoe box and half! I made an excel sheet with all my swatches to help.