Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal

Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal 9
Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal 8
Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal 6
Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal 2
Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal
I've always loved nail polishes. My obsession has waxed and waned over the years. When I was in high school, back when crazy coloured polishes where all the rage and the best polishes were being introduced, I had quite a collection. I moved away to University and only took a couple. I missed them so much I had my mother send them out to me, but really I started to loose interest in them and they didn't see much use. So they sat collecting dust and when it was time to move back I got rid of almost all of them! Luckily I keep most of my OPIs and my favourite duochromes! Yay! Which is why I still have Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Turquoise Opal. I remember not liking this polish too much because it was very dark and very sheer. I didn't understand the concept of waiting for the polish to dry between coats or using a similar colour underneath! Ha! I'm so happy I've rediscovered my love of nail polishing. I really love nail polish. It makes me happy when skies are grey! (Which happens a lot out here on the west coast!)

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