Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sally Hansen Laser

Sally Hansen Laser
Mmmm Look at this yummy colour! I bought this polish at Shoppers Drug Mart before ordering the Orly FX collection. I didn't realize it would be a dupe for Lunar Eclipse.

Blue Glass Fleck Dupes?
Sally Hansen Laser and Orly Lunar Eclipse are dupes!

Drug Store Haul
I got some of the other Sally Hansen HD Glass Flecks. Laser, DVD and Spectrum. (The Xtreme wear is called Blue It) They are all a little on the sheer side. Boo. But these colours are to die for!

Teal Glass Fleck Dupes?
I thought that Spectrum and Halley's Comet where dupes but it turns out Halley's Comet is much richer and has a stronger duochrome.

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  1. did you use top or base coat on the laser? first photo?