Thursday, February 24, 2011

Claire's Twinkle Twinkle is to Blue as China Glaze Ruby Pumps is to Red

So I love China Glaze Ruby Pumps. Yummy red glitter. It gives a very beautiful depth to the nail.
China Glaze Ruby Pumps
Because blue is probably my favourite nail polish colour I wanted this same effect in blue! I've asked around and people have suggested China Glaze Dorthy Who. This is pretty but the silver glitter shows through to much. The depth I was looking for in Ruby Pumps just isn't there in Dorthy Who.
China Glaze Dorthy Who
Enter Claire's Twinkle Twinkle.
Claire's Twinkle Twinkle
I do believe I have found the perfect blue counter part to Ruby Pumps. MmmmmMmmm Blue glitter perfects. Behold!


  1. pretty! :) please add that picture of the black polish, flakies over top and then you mattified it.

    it was my favorite notd ever. looked like a stained glass window.


    your cousin ;)

  2. Oh shoot! I switched over my swatch pictures from my other flickr account and looks like it's gone! Sadness! I'll have to re shoot it. Thanks for following!

  3. If you love that one you have to try Nubar Night Sky - amazing blue glitter!